TSW SEBRING 17x8.0 5/114.3 ET40 CB76.1 MATTE BLACK
TSW SEBRING 17x8.0 5/114.3 ET40 CB76.1 MATTE BLACK
TSW SEBRING 17x8.0 5/114.3 ET40 CB76.1 MATTE BLACK
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TSW SEBRING 17x8.0 5/114.3 ET40 CB76.1 MATTE BLACK

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SEBRING Matte Black Wheels by TSW®. 17" x 8", +40 Offset, 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern, 76.1mm Hub. The Sebring custom aftermarket alloy builds a new dynamic trend featuring a wheel behind a wheel look. Previously non-manufacturable, TSW had to work closely with engineers for months until every corner of the Sebring was at just the right angle to be casted into metal without sacrificing aesthetic qualities. Two split five spoke designs overlap combining into a three dimensional mesh pattern. Each spoke is angled just enough to create sharp edges posturizing a truly refined look on the custom wheel.

Lip Size, Concavity, and overall Appearance, may vary depending on Vehicle and Wheel Size
Once Tires are mounted onto Wheels, the wheels become Non-Returnable
Feel free to contact our dedicated Wheel & Tire team with any questions

Plastic Hub Centering Ring Ensures a Vibration Free Ride
Tight Runout Tolerances Ensure that Wheels are Straight, Round and have Even Thickness
Factory Balancing of Wheels to Minimize Vibrations and Need for Wheel Weights
Load Rating Specified on Every Wheel
Compatible with All Original Equipment Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensors
Correct Fitment for Your Vehicle
Precise and Correct Wheel Offset for Your Vehicle
Metal Decorative Rivets and Extra Thick Emblems Ensure Lasting Good Looks
Lifetime Warranty on Wheel Structure*
2-Year Warranty on Chrome and Silver Finish*
* Road hazards, such as wheels being damaged by hitting potholes or curbs, are not covered by warranty.

The racing heritage of TSW wheels shows in the attention the company gives to the fine technical details that are all important to perfect wheel performance. The TSW wheels are built for enthusiastic drivers who can feel and tell the difference between a true performance wheel and a looker. To give a vibration free ride, a wheel has to be hubcentric. Most aftermarket wheels that are made to fit a wide range of vehicles are centered by the bolts, which for most people is good enough. This is not good enough for TSW. All TSW rims are either made to fit perfectly on the hub of a specific vehicle, or come with a special plastic hub ring that ensures a perfectly hubcentric fit. Every TSW wheel has a complete balance test at the factory to ensure that potential vibration is minimized. This is again to minimize the need for balancing weights and to reduce the risk of vibrations occurring when the wheels go on your car. Many wheel manufacturers make wheels with offsets that are "good enough". TSW goes the extra mile and makes sure that the offset is perfect for each application. TSW also gives you a choice of staggered fitments that always allows you to get the desired combination of rim widths for front and back, giving you the traction difference you aim for between front and back to control acceleration grip and the rate of under/oversteer. TSW attention to detail is not limited to performance details. It is also evident in the design and the manufacturing. The TSW wheels are mirror cut with a specially cut diamond in a high-speed lathe rather than being machined. This process is more difficult and expensive than conventional machining, but it makes for a very different shine. Once again, TSW goes the extra mile to perfection. TSW stores thousands of wheels to make sure that the company can provide you with perfect fitment wheels with short delivery times. TSW does everything in its power to make your purchase a pleasant experience and to exceed your expectations in every aspect.


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